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Rabu, 11 November 2009

Can Bloggers , Blog-hosts and Webmasters be Sued??

Hello , this post i just wanna to share about this topic. Wow! Increasingly , the number blogger in the world has been growth time to time. But, there must be a limitation when we want to be a blogger. Not only 100% we free to write , share ideas or to critics about your blog. The most important is how we control our word and the matured thinking as an adult.

Refer to the topic, can blogger s, Blog-hosts and Webmasters be Sued?? Definitely yes if we

1.critics government "directly", with no evidence.
2. threaten person, or community.
3. planning to make chaotic in our country.

Thus for any person or group involved in any manner in publishing on the internet- whether it be a simple web-page or a blog - either singly or attached to a website libel laws are not laws of strict censorship. As a "practical " matter , anyone and everyone can speak , write , publish on the web expound in their own blog , blogs or make comments on differing blogs , blogposts or assorted miscellaneous forums or perhaps foriu. That and all that they wish so to speak.

However it can be said that "nothing is for nothing". One should always be aware and be cognizant of libel, if the exercise of their own actions and face the consequences of libel. If their actions of what they consider their personal rights infringe on the freedom of another person, particularly their reputation and personal integrity and honor. In the end when it comes to concerns of libel and slanders it never hurts to be careful and conservative when it comes to actions and deeds.

All the above is just opinion, but if i am wrong, just comment and let we share each other.


|arieza| berkata...

well, the freedom of speech/writings, doesnt really exist.. too bad, they keep pn shouting on it.. malaysia in particular, is not a democratic country.. tho they said so! it is just a lie. just my 2 cents :)

junsern berkata...

dont be too offensive la. Can criticise but dun condemn. try reading rocky bru, niamah, blackinkorea, kickdefella... to name a few... they criticise but not condemn the government....

Zikr the Jalanan Sepi Perantau berkata...

thank u bro...well...huhu

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